Trends in Mobile Development

The Web is dead long live the Web. Are Mobile Web Apps just the new big thing that will change everything and beyond like we hear it twittering from the rooftops here and there? In relation to the GTUGs main talks that dive deep into the technology aspects. I would like to scratch the surface and give the audience an overview about Mobile Web Apps and their general difference to native Apps regardless of the underlying Framework.

This will be the topics of the Presentation.
  • Definition Cross platform and native
  • Native vs. Web Apps
  • Why are Web Apps popular now?
  • When to use Web Apps
  • Look out to the Framework Universe
  • What about games?
  • Conclusion  
Because of the absence of code examples I try to keep my talk as short as possible:)

Vadim Bauer, UBS AG
Michel Racic,
Jul 25, 2011, 1:14 AM