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26th October Android Hackathon

Event "Android Hackathon" 

in cooperation with Android Schweiz, sponsoring the event t-shirts for all active participants



26th October 18:30

Draft Agenda.

  • Get together and team building
  • Hacking and having fun
  • break with pizza & coke :)
  • Hacking and having fun
  • presenting ideas
Hacking Motto!

In relation to the 20th July cross platform mobile development presentations we are having a hackathon where the participants have the chance to develop the same application with different techniques. The attendees form a team where they create a typical simple "business" App by either using PhoneGap, Titanium Appclerator or Native Java for the development.

The Goal
Create an App for the Zurich GTUG.
  • The user of the App should be able see upcoming events
  • Register to the next GTUG event
  • Notification upon new events
  • Read upcoming Event topics
  • Send message to the groups 
  • ...
The Steps
The GTUG Team sets up for the attendees a repository containing three "Hello World" applications (PhoneGap, Appcelerator and Native Java).
The attendees use development tools such as (Java, JS, HTML5) and Google APIs e.g. (Google Sites, Google Docs and more) to reach their goals.

The Result
Each team presents their application and explain the features and show code examples to other teams. The attendees decide which is the best App to be released as the official Zurich GTUG App. 

Available Test hardware

Acer Iconia tablet with honeycomb (from Android Schweiz)

Samsung Nexus S with ICS (from Corsin,

Links to helpfull resources


Closed, event was fun.