Setup Tutorial Android

In order to start hacking without a long preparation we created a small tutorial on how to setup your development environment in easy steps.

This quick tutorial is partly taken from Installing the SDK website.

Installing Eclipse
Download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers and unzip it in the folder e.g. User/EclipseAndroid
Start eclipse and create a new workspace under user/hackathon_workspace

Installing Android SDK starter package
Download the Android SDK and unzip its content under user/android_sdk
We will use and configure the SDK from eclipse so the only thing to do is to remember the folder where you installed the SDK starter package.

Installing Eclipse ADT Plugin

Now we need to install the Android ADT Plugins and afterward the GitHub client.

Start Eclipse and go to Help->Install new Software...
Click on Add (Repository) upper right corner of the window
Add these two entries and confirm with OK
    Name: Android ADT
Select all components from the tree and then click click on next and then on finish
to install the plugin
Restart Eclipse as prompted  after the plugin installation.

Download Android SDKs
Now we need to download the Android SDKs. For this go to Window->Android SDK Manager and ad the location of the path where you downloaded the Android SDK Starte package. From The available list select Tools, Android 4.0.3 and Android 2.2. Wait for the download to finish.

Installing Git Plugin
Go to Help->Eclipse Marketplace
Search for EGit and install the Plugin
After successful installation and a restart Eclipse

Check out Skeleton Code
go to File->Import-> Git-> Projects from Git
Select URL and add this Url under Location in the next screen.
leave the rest of the fields as is and go to the next screen
Select Master Branch and go to the next screen.
Add the directory where the git should clone the project. Choose here the android eclipse workspace e.g. user/hackathon_workspace/

Now you should have 3 Android projects in your workspace and can start hacking.

Android Projects Description

TimeTracking Project
is the main Project to start creating a time tracking app.  The Project contains icons and a from to enter the times. You can freely change the skeleton project and adapt it to your needs.
Some suggestions.
 - Start tracking by shaking the phone
 - Add a location and description by using the gps
 - Add a location and description by using wi fi
The Test project for your App
Android library containing that you can add to your project to be able to add google calendar entries. The samples in the lib select one of your accounts and list the content of your calendar to the command line. If you want to use Google Calendar in your Project this is the place your code in and import the library to you main project. more info