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23 Aug 2011 API Roulette Wheel Hackaton

2nd GTUG Hackathon

On the 23rd of August the GTUG Zürich had its second Hackathon. The Hackathon was based on the teams picking one API and then a spin of the API Roulette wheel to determine the second API. After the introduction to the groundwork at Googleplex Zürich and some pizzas the hacking began.

This is a list of some projects the people worked on that night. If you are the coder of the other projects or you know who they are. Let us know.

 Title  Description  Code  Contributer
Tasks and
Book API Mashup
Add books to read to your Google Tasks automatically  source, demo Misha, Tristan, Johannes
Twitter and Docs Notify via Twitter when changes on Google Docs occur   source demo Phillipp,
Martin Vogeli,
Rolf Poser

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