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1st GTUG Hackathon AppEngine

On the 8th June the GTUG Zürich had it first Google App Engine Hackathon. After a warm welcome at Googleplex Zürich and some pizzas the hacking began.

This is a list of some projects the people worked on that night. If you are the coder of the other porjects or you know who them are. Let us know it.

 Title  Description  Code  Contributer
 ShowMe Flickr/GoogleMap mashup to show flickr images around you   source, demo Michel Racic
 TrackKg Use Chart API to track your weight     
 Kliqudge Unicorn chaser     
 Grails on GAE Explore running Grails 1.4 on Google App Engine 
 CodeMap visualize FOSS projects spatially on a map